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English and MFL


Accommodation and Equipment 

The English and MFL departments will work together in our new building sharing accommodation and two Learning Zones.

The English Faculty is housed in six classrooms surrounding a central Inspiration Hub. The ‘Hub’ is a large, open-plan area designed to allow teachers to work with groups of different sizes in a flexible area. Every classroom is fitted with an interactive whiteboard to help teachers to demonstrate and involve students in lessons.

The MFL Department also has six classrooms and a central Inspiration Hub.

All rooms will be equipped with the latest Apple Computer Systems including WiFi and Networked Computers. Pupil will be able to work on a personal device and we have plans to lease iPAD2s (KS4) and iPod Touches (KS3) so that each pupil has their own personal handheld device for connecting to the Internet and our school network.

Image: Our current PC Computers will be replaced in our new building by the Apple System- which includes iPad2 and iPod Touch as personal devices for each pupil.